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Hello, this an art blog consisting of both historical and contemporary artworks with a dark edge. I do not own any of the images I post.

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Kate MacdowellDaphne, 2007 (via ronulicny)


Jennifer Trask5

Jennifer Trask uses all sorts of bone – from rattlesnake ribs to antlers – to craft art works that can sometimes take up to eight months to complete.



Jennifer Trask5


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Kevin Champeny

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"What Remains"
60” wide x 48” tall x 1” deep
35,000+ hand cast urethane flowers

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“Landed”Installation by artistIan Strange

As a part of the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Aussie artist Ian Strange has opened his latest installation outside the Art Gallery of South Australia. Dubbed “Landed,” the architectural installation features a matte black structural recreation of the Strange’s own 1920s suburban-style home – positioned in the gallery’s forecourt as if it dropped right out of the sky. Seemingly sinking into the ground beneath it, the isolated “Landed” juxtaposes the neo-classical composition of the museum itself – as well as its urban surroundings – and playfully evokes The Wizard of Oz and an interruption of Western cultural motifs. Ian Strange’s “Landed” is on display through May 11 along with the entirety of the museum’s celebratory biennial exhibition.

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Taylor Holland - Fra[mes] 

Antique frames filled with their own content using custom molds built from digital processes. 

For his latest project called “Fra[mes]” artist Taylor Holland created a series of high-resolution digital photographs of ornate frames filled with their own content instead of the art. Speaking about the project Taylor says, “I have taken frames and digitally filled them with the content of themselves. This project was born of the idea that, on several visits to the Louvre, I was often more interested in the artistic merit of the frame than the art itself. The result hopefully challenges the viewer’s notion not only of what art is, but the viewer’s own perceptions about where to find and appreciate art in various settings such as the Louvre.”

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Vadim STEIN 

French artist JRs “Unframed — Ellis Island” Transforms Historical Site

Known for his uplifting, large-scale photographic portraits of ordinary people, French artist recently travelled to New York’s Ellis Island for a site-specific project on the famed historical site. The island once housed the largest immigrant processing center in the nation, filtering millions of newcomers to the States from the 1890s through the 1950s. Ellis Island now houses an immigration museum, though parts of it have been left untouched. JR was invited to reinvigorate the destitute, abandoned buildings on the island’s south side with his project “Unframed — Ellis Island,” opening to the public on October.

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Hey followers,

I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately. I kind of lost interest for a little while there, but I’m back now. So, expect to see some more from this blog! Thanks for continuing to follow me!

All made using a 3D printer. More here.

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Photographer Walter Sachels was terrified of death, so much so he refused to see his mother after she passed away. Upon entering his 70s, Schels finally decided to overcome his fear through a bold, bizarre project – photographing individuals before and directly after their death.

Schels and his partner Beat Lakotta began approaching potential individuals at hospices in Berlin and Hamburg. The pair were on constant alert, at times running out in the middle of the night to shoot before the undertaker would come.

Though emotionally draining, Schels recognized that the series became an important epitaph to people before they actually died. With family and friends unable to cope with the looming truth, terminally ill patients often feel completely isolated.

“It’s so good you’re doing this”, Schels quoted a dying man to The Guardian, “No one else is listening to me, no one wants to hear or know what it’s really like.”

Schels is no longer terrified of death and now sees avoidance of the issue as a serious problem in contemporary society, people unable to be truly present for loved ones when they need them most. Life Before Death is an attempt to confront our worst fears and perhaps, to see those nearing the end in a more human light. For the individual stories behind each of the portraits click here

Our society alienating us from the reality of death is probably one of the things that makes it so easy for us to blindly support war, and to put an animal to sleep for a stupid reason like moving to an apartment that doesn’t take animals.